New beginnings


It always makes me smile to see the crocuses beginning to flower. To me it marks the beginning of spring; a time of new beginnings after the long winter. If you are making new beginnings this spring time we pray that they will be successful and a blessing to you and those around you.


At Lee Mount Baptist Church we are celebrating new beginnings too. I have recently started as Church enabler. I’m working part time supporting the church with it’s services and pastoral work. It’s a new role for both myself and the church but we have much hope for how it will develop.


As Christians we celebrate an even bigger hope this month. Easter is coming and at this time we celebrate new life in Christ. When Jesus rose from the dead he promised that those who believe in him would also be raised from death and given eternal life. We hold on to this hope for the future. We also experience new life with him now. Many of us find that when we follow Jesus we experience a life that is more joyful and peaceful than the life we left behind. We find that he is there with us through all the ups and downs of life. He encourages us, comforts us and guides us. This is something we are promised will continue into eternity. It is definitely worth celebrating. So along with all the usual ways of celebrating like feasting, singing and being with those we love we display symbols of new life like eggs, flowers and baby animals. If you want to celebrate with us we’d love to see you at our Easter celebrations (see below). Otherwise we pray that you will have a Very Happy Easter. May you experience the joy of the new life around you and the life available with Christ.


If you are also making new beginnings and would like prayer for them or any other matter please do let us know and we would be glad to pray for you. If you would like your new beginning to involve Lee Mount Baptist Church we would very much love to see you. Our Sunday services are open to anyone. If you need any further information please "Contact Us" on the below link.

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