February 2018 Newsletter



Dear Friends.


“I know the plans I have for you” says the Lord to Jeremiah. And, believe it or not, God says to Lee Mount Baptist Church “I know the plans I have for you.”


I wonder what you thought the year would bring for the church at the beginning of the year?.  For me it was to carry on in the same way, believing that when God wanted some sort of change of direction he would make that plain to us. He has in the past and I expect him to be the same in the future. 


I had no idea that by February God would begin to work and to bring about his changes through circumstances. We start February with changes, and I feel in my heart God has been at work amongst us.. By the time you read this you will know that Gillian has stepped down as our Church Secretary, which left a gap in the leadership team.  We want to thank her for 10 years of sterling service to the Lord, and also to me as Minister.  At times she has been a rock to me and I thank her for all she has done for me and the church and we are all so grateful. She told us that during a sermon she heard the voice of the Lord speaking to her, and instead of ignoring it she responded. Her work life balance needed adjusting, and in obedience to what she believed God was saying she did as he asked.  We wish her well and although feeling sad at her stepping down, at the same time we rejoice God is still speaking and doing his work in the life of the church. 


How do I know it is God at work?  Well at the same time as Gillian was stepping down I believe God was stirring the heart of Pam to move into that role.  Because of Pam’s personal situation she finds she has the time on her hands during the week to do all the administration which is required of a Secretary, and it was a pleasure last Sunday to affirm Pam in that role.  This of course led to a gap in the Crèche and Godzone roles and we were pleased to announce that Julie Waddington, who often goes out with any small children who come to church, would take on that responsibility. 

We should never be amazed at the way God works in our lives and how he is still speaking to people and using them to bring about his will.  All we have to do is listen to his voice speaking to us and respond to that voice in love and obedience.

Let us pray for those God has appointed to do his kingdom work and let us offer our love and support to all who serve us in the name of the Lord.


But what about you?  Are you listening to that still small voice speaking to your heart?. Is God prompting you to step out in obedience to his will?.    Just one thing you can do - promise me that you will give it some serious thought. The words to Jeremiah “I know the plans I have for you” might have been for him. He prophesied to the nation and encouraged them and told them “I know the plans I have for you”.   And God says to Lee Mount Baptist Church and to you those very same words.   All we have to do is ask What are your plans for me Father?”.


Your friend and Minister,


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