July 2017 Newsletter


Dear Friends,


This month I celebrate two anniversaries -  the first and the most important (I have to say that!) is on the 18th of July when I will have been married to Sarah for 25 years. The other anniversary is that on the 28th of June 1992, at Carey Baptist Church in Preston, I was ordained into the Christian ministry beginning work in Barrow at the end of the month just after our honeymoon - 25 years of ministry.


25 years of serving God in his churches. When I look back I do ask “What have I got to show for it?”  I still have most of my teeth and hair which must be a good thing!  But one thing I have is my faith, and over the years my love for God has grown and matured, and in all things good and bad I have found him to be faithful and true to his promises.  Even though I have let him down, even though I have wavered in my faith, he has always been there, he has been my rock, my shelter my strong tower, he has been my all.  And I believe that as he has been there every step over the past 25 years he will still be there for the next how many years.  What I need to do now is to keep running the race, to keep striving for what is to be, and to fix my eyes on the perfecter of the faith - the Lord Jesus Christ.


This is good for all of us to bear in mind no matter how long we have been in the faith. Remember whatever you are going through - for good or bad - God is faithful and he will never forsake you.  Keep focused upon him and his will for your life and he will see you through.


So Happy Anniversary Sarah, and Happy Anniversary church - a quarter of a century - a long time but happy times


Your friend and Minister,



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