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In a book I was recently reading the author used these words which rang true for me.

I wonder if this is your experience as well. He wrote “ I was well aware God was speaking , I was simply ignoring His words”


Those few words really spoke to my heart. How often do we hear our God speak? Not with an audible voice, but moreover through that still small voice. Maybe through the preacher or through your bible readings. Maybe it’s through nature or music or in some other way.


If we truly believe that through Jesus, we have an intimate relationship with our heavenly father than surely, we believe that he communicates with us. Or simply he speaks to us. Yes he uses all of the above ways to communicate and probably more. The key to hearing what he is saying is first of all to expect his voice. God speaks in many and also wonderfully diverse ways but we have to expect him to speak. The second is to listen when he does speak. That might seem a strange statement but how often have you been listening to someone in a conversation but you were not really listening.  You were thinking about all manner of things and you were not tuned into the person speaking. We do this all the time and if asked when they had finished talking what they had said we would not have a clue. So we need to expect him to speak, we need to be listening to what he says and thirdly we need to act on what we hear. It is no good ignoring our heavenly Father when he speaks to us.


For us to grow as his children. For us to understand his will for our lives, for us to become more like his son our Lord and Saviour we need all three elements in our lives.


First expect God to speak to us.

Second listen to what he says.

Third don’t ignore what he says but put it into practice.


What is he going to say to us? Well yes sometimes it’s because he has a job for us to do. But more often in my life I hear words of encouragement. Words of hope and love and refreshing. Occasionally words of gentle rebuke.


You see I don’t believe God only speaks when he wants us to do something for him. Or he wants to tell us off. He more often than not whispers his love into our lives which builds us up in our faith, which comforts us when we are down, which helps us through all the ups and downs of life.


Didn’t Jesus say on more than one occasion. “He (She) Who has ears let them hear”


Or to use a northern expression. “Pin back your lugholes”




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