APRIL 2018



Dear Friends


It’s not often that Easter Sunday falls on April Fool’s Day  I can’t remember when it last happened although I am sure someone will tell me. If we wanted to be flippant and make jokes about it we could. We could talk about Jesus standing outside the tomb on Easter Sunday and shouting ‘April Fool’ to all the Romans and Jewish Leaders, but you know it’s far too serious a subject to do that.  It was no joke what happened 2000 years ago at Calvary. The resurrection is no laughing matter in a joking sort of way.

But it is a laughing matter in a spiritual sort of way because on Easter Sunday we can rejoice in the truth of all that Jesus said and claimed. Easter Sunday even had the disciples who had been with Jesus for three years scratching their heads wondering what had happened. The gospels suggest that not one of them really believed that he was going to rise again - not one.


But all came to realise the truth of the resurrection as the days passed. John, Mary, Peter and then the others, and finally Thomas.  All in their own ways, in their own time, allowed the enormity of what had happened to finally sink in as the truth dawned on them.


And that is something to celebrate, to laugh about, to rejoice in, as disciples of the Lord today. He has risen and because he has risen we too will rise again to life and life eternal.  But we don’t cry ‘April fool’ to the world, we don’t gloat over people who want Jesus dead and buried. No, because that would be beneath us. Like God we mourn over all who reject the Saviour; all who cried ‘crucify him’.  We don’t mock them - we mourn them for they are still lost when we have been found.


So this Easter indeed let us laugh, let us dance, let us rejoice in Christ our Saviour who was dead but is alive for evermore.  And at the same time let us mourn a world heading for destruction,  Let us try to do what we can to share the love of God with those we know who are still lost, that they might be saved.

Yours in Christ


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