October and November 2017 Newsletter

Dear Friends


In a world where there seems to be no hope let me share some words that I hope will give you hope; words which should cheer the heart of every Christian and prove that God’s not done with us yet. He is still working his purposes out, even in North Halifax.


At our concert a few weeks ago with Paul Jones and his wife Fiona Hendley we had a wonderful time of testimony and song. I felt it was a great evening with a perfect balance. But with all events like that there is the concern that the church would be full of disciples and it would not attract those who have no faith.


I am overjoyed to announce that more than half of those who came - 130 plus - filled in a prayer card and asked Paul and Fiona to pray for them. Which I am told they did during the following week.


But there’s more. Out of those 130 who came 24 people recommitted their lives to Jesus. 24 - that’s nearly 20 per cent of those gathered, whose faith might have been wavering for whatever reason, gave their hearts once again to the Lord. Hallelujah!


But again there is more.  At least 10 of those gathered signed the forms to say they had made a first time commitment to the Lord.  Some of those prayed afterwards with Paul and Fiona, and all of them are going to be followed up by the different churches in due course.


But you know, in a world that is full of doom and gloom it is good to know that our God, our Father in heaven, is still in the heart-changing and transforming business. Let us pray for all those whose hearts were moved by the testimonies of Paul and Fiona, and let us be encouraged to carry on engaging with the lost and trusting in our God to bring about his life-changing transformation through Jesus.






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