Easter Letter


Dear Friends,

 I suppose the message of Easter is even more relevant to us this year than at any other time. With the Coronavirus running rampant around the world with thousands of people dying Easter speaks to us of the eternal hope we have as Christians.



Easter is a time for hope. A time to look ahead to our own futures and to ask the question where am I heading. Not just in this life but also the next. If you are reading this, I am sure you are aware in your own hearts about eternity. You may not know much about it or how things pan out in the end but you are aware there is more than life as organic beings, there is a lot more.


Easter shares with us that more. It tells the story of a loving God who loved his creation so much he sent his one and only son to the earth to sacrifice his life so that the created could once more have a relationship with the creator.


This is of course how it was meant to me right back in the beginning with Adam and Eve. Sadly, sin came into the world and that relationship was spoiled, nay it was destroyed. Yet it was not going to be for all time, God had a plan and that plan came to a head 2000 years ago the first Easter. Although it was not called Easter then.


Our punishment for sin was to die and to die eternally. Yet Jesus took our sin on himself and he died in our place. Through his death our sin can be forgiven if we come in faith being repentant of that sin and turning around to walk with our God and Father. But you know what good is forgiveness if when we die, we die. Easter tells the story of resurrection new life. That on the third day Jesus who died for us rose again. And the Bible tells us that his rising defeated death not just for himself but also for all those who come to the Father through him in faith.


Easter is a message of hope, and at a time of worldwide crisis we all need hope. The hope that our future is secure with God when we have faith. But also, the knowledge we are deeply loved by God as His children.


God bless you this Easter and as we go through this time of crisis together let us fix our eyes upon Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith.


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